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Heating system replacement: There are times when furnace replacement is more sensible, and necessary to resolve your heating problems. Sometimes the furnace is just plain old, and repairs might exceed or come close to the price of a new system. Maybe the unit is so outdated parts are unavailable, or hard to locate. Maybe you just want to upgrade to a more energy efficient system to help save you money on utilities and reduce your carbon foot print.

Heating maintenance: As mentioned before, the number one reason for furnace failure is lack of maintenance. Our "Smart Plan" maintenance service provides the preventative needs to your system keeping it clean, and well tuned helping it's efficiency. This in turn helps to prevent costly break downs in the future and giving you peace of mind that your system is reliable. We offer many solutions and programs for your maintenance needs.

Emergency Repairs: If your furnace becomes undependable, starts making funny noises, or stops working all together, then a service professional is your best option. It can be even more costly and dangerous to attempt your own repair. Don't hesitate to call Shield Comfort and we'll dispatch to your home right a way. Many repairs can be made the same day.

Financing Available

It's time to do something with that old system! We understand this is a big decision rather it be a replacement, or a repair. Sometimes the unexpected cost that can be incurred can be overwhelming. That's why Shield Comfort Heating and Cooling offers great financing options with differed intrest plans available.

Furnace Replacement & Other Options

A phone call is the only thing that separates you from someone that can properly diagnose your systems malfunction, discuss all your options, and take a course of action to get your furnace working again. Rather it’s day, night or weekend, contact us 24 hours a day for your service needs. Our techs are available throughout our service area of Bartholomew and surrounding counties.

There are times a repair isn't the answer to your dilemma when it comes to break downs with your home heating system. Did you know the number one reason for home comfort system failure is lack of maintenance? Many people believe that simply replacing the filter is all that's required to keep their system in dependable condition. With all the moving parts, limits, safeties, and precision of today's home comfort systems good maintenance is more important than ever before. There is also that little phrase that none of us want to hear, "it's time to think about replacing the furnace". None of us want to hear that, after all you can't watch your favorite shows on it. It's not a "fun" Item. But the reality is, a good heating and cooling home comfort system is one of the only improvements you can make to your home that will actually yield a return on your investment in terms of lower utility costs and better resale value.

Save $200 on an air conditioner, or furnace. Save $500 on a complete system installation.  

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