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​Identifying common furnace problems.

Furnace and other system failures can go unnoticed often for long periods of time. They are not obvious and may not manifest in a noticable way at first.  Often times there are small failures that go unnoticed simply because they've not gotten severe enough to cause you discomfort.  Maybe you notice that the unit is shutting off, only to immediately power back on and begin heating the house.  Or you might notice that sometimes it seems cooler in your home but when you check your thermostat it says everything is normal.  These are all common issues heard by techs in the field, and all can be potentially dangerous.

What to do when my heat quits working.
Here you will find a few steps to follow that will help you 

​​​​Sometimes you want to do it yourself?

Shield Comfort would recommend that you always find a trained professionalwith the proper equipment and training to service your equipment.  But we also understand that sometimes you want to do it yourself.  Fact is, many times a technician is called to the home for a repair when there was actually no repair to be made.  This results in spending money that you didn't need to. So we have put together a series of things you can check on your own and help you determine if you need a qualified professional to repair your heating and cooling system.  We've also included some explanations for some of the more common comfort complaints that you may not even know there is a fix for.

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