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​​​Heating & Cooling Maintenance

Why should I have heating & cooling maintenance performed  on my system twice a year? That is a common question asked to many professionals by their clients. It is also one of the easiest to answer and understand when it's put in terms of saving you money. Having heating and cooling maintenance performed twice a year on your system will boost its efficiency by keeping the moving parts of your furnace and air conditioner free of dirt and buildup which robs your heating and cooling equipment of it's performance resulting in longer run times and higher utility payments.  That's not to mention the excessive wear and tear. Other cost factors are that it reduces the frequency and severity of repairs  your furnace and air conditioner will require over time.  The moving parts of a well maintained system fail less often. If you are one of our Smart Plan Clients and we find your system needs a repair during your scheduled visit your savings will be an average of 89 to 400 dollars depending on the repair. Check out our Smart plan for more details on how it can help you save money and extend system life.

Advantages of System Maintenance

There are numerous advantages of system maintenance and these are just a few of them.

Let Shield Comfort Heating and Cooling provide you with our premium maintenance service, and get the most out of your furnace and air conditioner.

  • 1) Better efficiency
  • 2) Longer system life
  • 3) Utility savings
  • 4) Better air quality
  • 5) More comfort
  • 6) Peace of mind
  • 7) Fewer service calls
  • 8) Quieter operation
  • 9) Better air flow and turnover